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Don’t Think You Need Flood Insurance? You Might Be In For A Surprise!

In 2004 FEMA started to finally update flood maps do to the discovery of several areas not properly covered during previous years flood events. This is  an ongoing process and in some cases homeowners are not aware their home has been designated a high flood risk area and may require… Read More »Don’t Think You Need Flood Insurance? You Might Be In For A Surprise!

Have good credit but no down payment? You can still buy a home!

USDA Many of our listings qualify for the USDA no money down program. This program is for rural homes such as ares in the western areas of Hendricks County and beyond such as Danville & North Salem. Check here to see if this is an option for you. Next Home Another option… Read More »Have good credit but no down payment? You can still buy a home!

Roundabouts: Love ‘em or Hate ‘em?

We know that local governments have to look for solutions that solve issues and a common way to do this is looking at what other communities have done to address the same issue. In this case we’re talking about roundabouts.

What does a Realtor do? – Let me tell you…

As a Real Estate Broker Associate we’re covered by Indiana license laws in what we can and cannot do. So please throw out that image you’ve formed of realtors from HGTV and any movie or TV show that has a Realtor in it. That’s as about as close as CSI cop shows are to crime fighting.

FHA Guidelines – Does your home pass the test?

A large portion of homes are sold with the buyers getting some sort of FHA financing, or requires the home to pass FHA appraisals. If your home doesn’t pass that test, your limited to conventional or insured conventional loans, or cash buyers. That shrinks your buyers market, considerably…..!

Indiana Property Tax Deductions – Are you getting all yours?

It’s not uncommon to find that the homeowner may not have a common deduction on their property taxes. The most important one, the Homestead Credit can mean a much higher tax bill if not applied to the property if it’s applicable.

History, Whiskey, & Real Estate in Hendricks County

Interesting bit of history of the beginning of Hendricks County government from the History of Hendricks County by Honorable John V. Hadley written in 1914. The government provided whiskey distributed by the coroner to help people pick out the property to purchase. Not a marketing strategy we can really get away with today…