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Thank You All!

One of the last homes we sold in 2022

Greetings Friends, Neighbors, Family, and All,

As we wrap up another year of real estate in 2022 I can truthfully state that in our entire career in the business, no 2 years have been the same. The past few years continued to get crazier as the market heated up and this situation continued into the spring of this year. Buyers continued to compete with other buyers and most homes sold quickly with multiple offers. But at the same time getting to closing has become the main challenge as buyers seem to fall into ‘buyers remorse’ before closing finding excuses to get out of the purchase contract.

Then, as you know inflation kicked in this summer, probably boosted by real estate values, and the Fed started raising interest rates. Suddenly, payments went up and buyers found they could no longer afford to buy a home, so now the market has cooled a bit. But understand this so far looks to be a correction, or maybe a return to normal, but for sure the market will again change in 2023, as it has done so every year. When we first started in 2009 the market was in very bad shape and today’s market isn’t even close to that bad. Keep in mind: back then we saw that even in that market, people still buy and sell houses because of necessity as life goes on.

The Derrick Team has been working on winding down our business. We’ve sold a couple of listings and worked on a couple of new construction deals but otherwise have started working with fellow Carpenter agent Caroline McPherson as our referral agent to help our clients buy and sell. Caroline has been involved in real estate for several years and is very knowledgeable with all aspects of the business. We also will help if needed as ‘consultants’ as we slowly wind down our real estate business.

Note from Connie: I wish each and every one of you health, peace and happiness in 2023. I want to take this time to thank you for your friendship and trust in The Derrick Team. We have had a wonderful career in real estate and the best part was meeting all the great people. Each one of you are so special to me. It was very important to us to make sure you have another agent that would take excellent care of you.

I would like to introduce you to Caroline McPherson. She is a close friend and realtor. Caroline has been a realtor since 2017. She lives in Hendricks County, is married and has a daughter and stepson. She is also an animal lover and enjoys making crafts in her spare time. (And yes, she also likes wine, lol.) Please feel free to reach out to her when you have questions or concerns about real estate. She is also a good texter. I will be around the first half of 2023 helping Caroline. We look forward to talking or seeing you.


The Derrick Team

Connie & Dennis Derrick