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What does a Realtor do? – Let me tell you…

Dennis At Work

As a Real Estate Broker Associate we’re covered by Indiana license laws in what we can and cannot do. So please throw out that image you’ve formed of realtors from HGTV and any movie or TV show that has a Realtor in it. That’s as about as close as CSI cop shows are to crime fighting.

We often joke that most people think all we do is show houses. Well that is a certain part of our job. Especially agents who specialize in buyers (The Derrick Team are both buyer and listing agents). But that actually is a small part of the larger picture. A better way of describing our main job is lots of marketing (our selves and our listings), research (the market and current trends) and contract negotiations, (or as I like to say, Haggling).

There are a lot of other little things we do spread around daily but these three main functions are what drive our business. Now let’s talk a little about our business model.

In general almost all real estate agents are independent contractors. Most people don’t realize that we work for ourselves and ONLY get paid when we sell houses. Because of Indiana license laws, we sales associates must work WITH a broker, but don’t work FOR them. In our case this is Carpenter Realtors and we love how they do the WITH part (that can be for a later post). So we are INDEPENDENT contractors, and ONLY GET PAID when we sell a home (or close the transaction to be specific). So when we are busy doing all the marketing, researching, and haggling, we are doing so in the hope that everything eventually results in a CLOSING! (Sometimes it doesn’t for items beyond our control). So whatever you thought we did before, now you know in summary, we work our butts off for ourselves and sometimes get paid for it…. And did I mention 7 days a week, 365 days a year? (yes we’ve been called on Xmas and New Years). So I’ll just say it this way,” I don’t want to make money, I just love to sell Real Estate!” (Sorry Don) OK I love to sell Real Estate, and a little money helps pay the bills.


It’s a lot of work to sell 5 million!

If you are in need of a professional Realtor, now you know what we do, day in and day out. Give The Derrick Team a call today at 317-563-1110. We love to sell real estate, buying or selling!

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