How Avon Indiana got it’s name

The first settlement of Avon was about the year 1830. It was dense forest everywhere. In small clearings little cabins of round logs sprang up and in a very short time this became a “neighborhood.”

In 1833 the first of many post offices were setup and the area was known as Hampton. Later in 1852 it was called White Lick.

In 1867 a Mr. Smoot ran a store and a headed petition to Washington for a post office but no name was suggested for the new office, so the authorities used the first name on the petition. When the commission, dated April 28, 1868, reached him the listed name was Smootsdell.

When the Indianapolis & St. Louis railroad was being surveyed the man marking the stakes made fun of the name of our post office, and said, “I’ll name the town.” He penciled “New Philadelphia” on a stake and drove it in. When the road was completed the company drove another stake with “Avon” painted on it. The people liked the name and petitioned to have the post office name changed to Avon.

So we really don’t know why Avon came up as a name for the road company but that’s why Avon is the official name now. I do think it has a better ring than Smootsdell (sorry Mr. Smoot).

Information from “The History of Hendricks County” John V. Hadley 1914

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