Recent Derrick Team Real Estate Sales

Helping home buyers & sellers all over central Indiana

Listing Agent ~ Sold  this  Mooresville  home  in  an  estate  sale.

Listing Agent ~ Sold  Ed  Jeanne’s  Avon  home  with  multiple  offers.

Listing Agent ~ Sold Karlie & Darian’s  home  quickly  in  SW  Indy.

Listing Agent ~ Helped  Dusty  & Heidi  sell their  Brownsburg  home  to build a new one.

Listing Agent ~ Sold Marks fine Danville country home so he could live with his son.

Listing Agent ~ Sold our neighbors Steve and Micheles 1852 classic Avon home.

Selling Agent ~ Helped  Ed  & Jeanne  purchase this great 11 acre horse farm in Cicero for  retirement.

Listing Agent ~ Sold Bill & Ann’s Oak Bend home in Avon so they could downsize.

Listing Agent ~ Helped Jason & Samantha sell their Avon home so they can build their dream home.

Selling Agent ~ Found this great Pittsboro home for soon to be parents Tom & Kelly.

Listing Agent ~ Sold Kevin & Judy’s Pittsboro home to upsize.

Selling Agent ~ We helped Jason & April find this big house with a theater room in Avon

Listing Agent ~ We helped Jason & April sell their Avon home to upsize.

Selling Agent ~ Helped Kevin & Judy find this beautiful home in Pittsboro.

Listing Agent ~ Helped Elaine & family sell their parents home on Indy east side.

Listing Agent ~ Sold Mikes Avon home to move to a larger one.

Listing Agent ~ Helped Cyndi sell her home in Camby to move up north.

Selling Agent ~ We helped Bill & Ann find this great downsizing home in Browsburg.

Selling Agent ~ Helped Bob & Keri find this home with a pool in Pittsboro.

Selling Agent ~ Helped Jonathan & Michelle move from Arizona to this perfect home in Brownsburg.

Selling Agent ~ Helped Nikki find the perfect home in Avon.

Selling Agent ~ Helped the Robin & Michael find this great home on the golf course in Avon.

Listing Agent ~ Helped Patrick sell his fathers home in Mooresville.

Selling Agent ~ Helped the Karlie & Darian find their new home in Camby to start their family.

Listing Agent ~ Helped Kris sell his Avon home to move further north.

Selling Agent ~ Helped Kelly find this great home in Whitestown to be closer to work.

Listing Agent ~ Helped Raymond sell his Danville home so he could retire in the city.

Listing Agent ~ Helped Don sell his Avon home so we was free to retire anywhere.

Selling Agent ~ Helped Randal & Sarah find this new Lennar spec home in Avon

Selling Agent ~ Worked with Jason & family to build their new Lennar ‘Dream Home’ in Danville.

Selling Agent ~ Found this great 2 year old home in Whitestown for Eric & family.

Selling Agent ~ Found this cute ranch for Shirly in NW Indy.

Listing Agent ~ Sold this great Avon home for Tony & Pamela before it went on the market.

Listing Agent ~ Sold Jason & Li’s Avon home so they can build a new one.

Selling Agent ~ Through Home Partners found this perfect home for Kenny & Teresa in Avon

Selling Agent ~ Found this great custom ranch in Avon for Cindy

Listing Agent ~ Sold Tom & Roberta’s nice home with multiple offers.

Selling Agent ~ Found this great home for Tim & Nikki with all the room they needed.

Listing Agent ~ Sold this west side Indy home for Tim & Nikki as they needed more room.

Selling Agent ~ Found this cute home on the south side of Indy for sisters Debbie & Lorri.

Selling Agent ~ Found the perfect commercial office building for James to expand his business to central Indiana.

Listing Agent  ~ Sold this commercial office building for Bonnie & Bill as they moved their business.

Listing Agent ~ Heritage Lake ~ Sold Melinda’s great home so she could move in with family.

Selling Agent ~ Heritage Lake ~ Found the perfect home for Erik, Rachel & family.

Listing Agent ~ Avon ~ Sold Erik & Rachel’s home so they could move to a large home.

Listing Agent ~Chapel Glen ~ Sold this great home for Jean & Mary as an estate sale.

Listing Agent ~ Cobblestone Springs in Avon ~ Sold Jeff’s home to move the family down south.

Listing Agent ~ South Indy – Sold Sandy & Dennis’ home after they moved into their brand new condo.

Listing Agent ~ Chapel Glen – Sold Joye & Bill’s home so they could downsize to their new home.

Selling Agent ~ Indy West ~ Found this perfect home for Irma’s daughter.

Listing Agent ~ Indy West ~ Sold Becky’s mom’s home as part of an estate sale.

Selling Agent ~ Indy West Side ~ Found this great custom home for Andrew.

Selling Agent ~ Avon ~ Found this great home for Matt & Anna and their growing family.

Listing Agent ~ Avon ~ Sold Matt & Anna’s condo so they could get a larger home for the growing family.

Listing Agent ~ Stilesville ~ Sold Alex & Natalie’s farm so they can travel overseas.

Selling Agent ~ Greencastle ~ Found the perfect remote home for Billy turn into his dream home.

Selling Agent ~ South Indy ~ Found this brand new Westport condo for Sandy & Dennis.

Selling Agent ~ Ridgehill – Avon ~ Found this awesome ranch for Kim.

Listing Agent ~ Sycamore Creek – Avon ~ Sold Charles & Sharon’s beautiful ranch so they can move to warm & sunny FL.

Selling Agent ~ Forest Commons – Avon ~ Found the perfect home for Joye & Bill with his dream garage!

Listing Agent ~ Stradford Ridge –  Danville~ Sold Joyce’s beautiful ranch so she could move north to be with family.

Listing Agent ~ Eagledale – West Indy ~ Sold Dennis & Lisa’s investment home.

Listing Agent ~ Clayton ~ Sold Dick & Mariann’s beautiful country home with 5 Acres!

Selling Agent ~ Sunningdale – West Indy ~ Found this perfect home for Calla & Beverly

Listing Agent ~ Wynnbrook – Avon ~ Sold Beverly’s home in one day!

Listing Agent ~ Cobblestone Springs – Avon ~ Sold Brian Carolyn’s house in 2 days!

Listing Agent ~ Glenhaven West – Plainfield ~ Sold Debbie’s home before it went on the market!

Selling Agent ~ Hession Farms – Brownsburg ~ Found Brian & Carolyn a house to grow their family in.

Selling Agent ~ Avon ~ Found this great brand new Westport patio home for Marsha & Ed.

Listing Agent ~ Speedway Area ~ Sold Marsha’s home so she could downsize.

Selling Agent ~ Wedgewood / Camby ~ Found this great home for Anthony before it went on the market.

Selling Agent ~ Villa Woods of Avon ~ Found this great condo for Fred and Valentine as an investment.

Selling Agent ~ Avon ~ Found the perfect house for Betsy before it went on the market!

Listing Agent ~ Speedway/ Farley ~ Sold Johnny’s home with multiple offers in one day!

Selling Agent ~ Danville ~ Found this perfect home for Raymond out in the country.

Listing Agent ~ Avon – Meadowlark Lakes ~ Helped Amanda sell her condo to move with her new hubby.

Listing Agent ~ Avon ~ Sold one of Beazer’s last new builds in Avon Parks of Prestwick

Selling Agent ~ Zionsville ~ Helped Brandon & Katie find this great home with land for their new mini-farm.

Listing Agent ~ Avon – Patterson Woods ~ Helped Frank sell his home so he could move to Alabama.

Listing Agent ~ Clermont ~ Sold Kharon’s cute home to a very happy first time home buyer!

Listing Agent ~ Avon – Fairway Hills ~ Sold Amy’s condo so she could enjoy her new home.

Listing Agent ~ Danville – Whisperwood Lakes ~ Sold Tina’s home in one day with multiple offers!

Selling Agent ~  Roachdale ~ Found this great home with 4+ acres for Renae & Josh & Family.

Listing Agent ~  Heritage Lake ~ Helped Renae & Josh sell their home to make room for their growing family.

Selling Agent ~  Avon ~ Helped Chris & Angela buy the perfect ‘downsize’ ranch home for them.

Listing Agent ~ Park Place – Avon ~ Sold Chris & Angela’s home so they could downsize.

Selling Agent ~ Thornburg – Brownsburg ~ Found this awesome ranch for Amy & her kids & Boomer.

Selling Agent ~ Greenwood ~ Found the perfect home for Karen & Matt and all the furry family.

Listing Agent ~ Garfield Park – Indy ~ Sold Karen & Matt’s cute home in the Garfield Park area.

Selling Agent ~ Carolina Commons – Avon ~ Helped John & Abby build their brand new dream home.

Listing Agent ~ Sheffield Park – Avon ~ Sold Doyle and Laura’s home so they could move out to the country.

Selling Agent ~ Clear Creek – Danville ~ Found this great home for Jeff & Trish and family with lots of room.

Selling Agent ~ Whisperwood Lakes – Danville ~ Found the perfect home for first time home buyer Stephen.

Listing Agent ~ Whisperwood Lakes – Danville ~ Sold Jeff & Trish’s home to they can get a larger home.

Listing Agent ~ Raymond Park Village – SE Indy ~ Sold Annie’s home in just one day!

Selling Agent ~ Southport Green – SE Indy ~ Found this beautiful home for Dustin & Stephanie and their growing family.

Selling Agent ~ Avon ~ Found this great ranch home for  Laura & Doyle out in the country.

Selling Agent ~ SE Indy ~ Found this great ranch home for  first time homebuyer Justin & family to enjoy.

Listing Agent ~ Lakewood Farms, Avon ~ Sold Greg’s home so he could enjoy retirement.

Listing Agent ~ Park Place, Avon ~ Sold Larry’s nice ranch home with multiple offers the first day!

Listing Agent ~ Westover Woods, Avon  ~ Sold this condo for George & Sharon in one day!

Selling Agent ~ Northwood – Greencastle ~ Sold this extremely cool classic home Lori & Scott.

Selling Agent ~ Claymont at Saratoga – Plainfield ~ Found this perfect home for first time home buyer Stephanie.

Listing Agent ~ Raymond Park Village – SE Indy~ Sold this home for Stephanie & Dustin and their growing family.

Listing Agent ~ Danville ~ Sold this classic home in downtown Danville for Deb & Ben!

Selling Agent ~ Plainfield ~ Found this great home for first time home buyers Alex & Laura!

Listing Agent ~ Austin Lakes ~ Sold John & Abby’s home so they could build their dream home!

Listing Agent ~ Cobblestone Springs, Avon ~ Sold Julie’s home so she can move south and relax a little.

Listing Agent ~ Barryknoll, Danville ~ Sold Bill & Tara’s home so they could build their dream home!

Listing Agent ~ Westover Woods, Avon ~ Sold Margaret & Chet’s condo so they could move closer to the kids!

Selling Agent ~ Springs of Saratoga, Plainfield ~ Found this ‘almost new’ condo for Deb & Ben

Listing Agent ~ Burberry Park, Avon ~ Sold this awesome new Beazer build

Listing Agent ~ Meadows of Eagle Crossing, Brownsburg ~ Sold James home so he could move to Florida!

Selling Agent ~ Williamsburg Village, Brownsburg ~ Found this updated beauty for first time home buyer Stephanie.

Selling Agent ~ Lake Ridge, Brownsburg ~ Found this spacious home for Jamie & Amanda.

Selling Agent ~ Ians Pointe, Avon ~ Found this perfect home for Jean and Rookie.

Selling Agent ~ Avon – Found the perfect home Elaine moving here to be closer to her children.

Listing Agent ~ Indy East Side – Sold this nice investment home in Brookfield Place


Listing Agent ~ Indy WS – Haughville – Sold 12 duplexes for an investor


Listing Agent ~ Danville – Sold 24 lots for more condos in Clear Creek

Listing Agent ~ Avon – Sold Bruce & Terri’s home so they could move to AZ

Selling Agent ~ NE Indy – Found this cool home for Patrick & Kathryn

Selling Agent ~ Danville –  Found this nice custom home in Temple Estates for Tracy & Steve.

Selling Agent ~ Heritage Lake-  Found this great home for first time home-buyers Nathan & Brittney

Selling Agent ~ NE Indy –  Found the perfect home for Erin & Cory.

Listing Agent ~ Brownsburg –  Sold Jim & Shirley’s rental.


Selling Agent ~ Mooresville – Found this great home for Toni’s daughter.


Listing Agent ~ Mooresville –  Sold Tammy’s rental home.


Selling Agent ~ Camby – Helped Julie & Jim purchase their brand new Arbor home.


Listing Agent ~ NW Indy – Sold Kathryn & Patrick’s home so they can move to Indy’s NE side.


Selling Agent ~ North of Lebanon-  Found this nice home for Nancy & Greg with room for their horses.

120 CR 750

Selling Agent ~ Arlington –  Found this really cool 1875 classic home way way out east for first time home buyers Matt and Rhea

Base Road

Selling Agent ~  Avon-  Found this great home for first time home buyers Erik and Rachael just in time for the new baby!


Selling Agent ~ Near East Side – Indy –  Found this cute home for first time home buyer Amanda close to the action in Downtown Indy!


Selling Agent ~ Jamestown –  Found this cute home for first time home buyer Maggie in the middle of town.


Listing Agent ~ Bridgewater ~ Avon-  Sold Scott & Sharon home so they can move to the farm


Listing Agent ~ Cardinal Estates ~ Pittsboro ~ Sold Don & Pat’s home to spend more time in Florida!


Selling Agent ~ Cedar Run Lake ~ Brownsburg ~ First time home buyer Mindy got a great home and back yard for her and her adorable doggies!

10 Nash

Selling Agent ~ Clayburn ~ NW Indy- John & Rachael’s home that’s closer to family!


Selling Agent ~ Allison ~ Speedway- Brandi’s just minutes away from everything!


Selling Agent ~ Eagles Nest ~ Avon- First time home-buyer Keith’s new home!


Listing Agent ~ Riverwood ~ Brownsburg- Sold Brandi’s home to move into town.


Selling Agent ~ Allegro ~ West Indy- First time home buyers Alex & Haily enjoy their new home.

Selling Agent ~ CR E 200 N Avon – Scott & Sharon are moving out to the country!


Listing Agent  ~ CR E 200 N Avon – Sold this great old farm house with 23 acres for Matt.


Listing Agent ~ Michigan Rd, NW Indy – Sold John & Rachael’s home to move closer to family.


Listing Agent ~ Winding Creek in Brownsburg – Sold Jacob & Micki’s home as they built a home in the country.


Listing Agent ~ Stratford Of Avon – Helped Jean sell her home so she can find a larger home for the entire family.

Sold in Avon

Selling Agent ~ Indy South Side – Found this great condo for Fritz & Nancy so they can enjoy life!

Indianapolis sold!

Listing Agent ~ Indy South Side – Sold David’s home so he can move out to the country!

Derrick Team Sold Another One in Indy

Selling Agent ~ Indy South Side – Found the perfect home for Linda and her son.

Derrick Team Sold Another One in Indy

Selling Agent ~ Zionsville – Found the perfect home for Robby & Aly in the trees!

Zionsville Sold

Listing Agent ~ Oak Bend Estates, Avon – Sold James & Nancy’s beautiful home so they can settle in FL.

Oak Bend Estates, Avon IN

Listing Agent ~ Indian Head Lake, Avon – Sold Jim & Shirley’s rental.

Aho Sold in Avon IN

Selling Agent ~ Glen Haven West, Plainfield – Found this great home on a pond for Lisa and family!5937-Sugarloaf

Listing Agent ~ Hanover Ave, South Indy – Sold Fritz & Nancy’s home so they can enjoy the easy condo life!Main

Listing Agent ~ Banner Ave, West Indy – Sold Kenny’s home so he could move close to good friends!Another Derrick Team SOLD Listing

Listing Agent ~ CR 725 in Brownsburg – Sold Gregg & Patti’s home so they could move to Sunny FL!Main

Listing Agent ~ Brixton Woods, Pittsboro – Sold Garett & Rachel’s home so they could move out in the country!20150529_124646

Selling Agent ~ Village Oaks, Avon – Nice little home for David & Lucy with a fenced in back yard.1922 Acorn

Selling Agent ~ Brixton Lakes, Pittsboro – Found the perfect first home for Adam & Emily!141 Brixton Woods East DR

Listing Agent ~ Huntwick, Avon – Sold James house while he moved to FL.Main

Listing Agent ~ Forest Commons, Avon – Sold Tony & Adela’s beautiful home so they could downsize.20150501_141245

Listing Agent ~ N CR 375E, Pittsboro – Sold Dolores & Franks 5.5 acre mini farm so they could travel more.


Listing Agent ~ Hendricks Heights, Avon – Sold David’s home so he could be closer to the kids.


Listing Agent ~ Sand Creek Woods, Fishers – Sold Angie’s home so she could move to northern Indiana.


Selling Agent ~ Huntwick, Avon – Helped first time home-buyers Jonathon & Torri find the perfect home for them.

10701 Huntwick Dr

 Selling Agent ~ Trails of Woodfield, Greenwood – Found this perfect home for Ed & Melody!1595 Woodfield Dr

Listing Agent ~ Metz Forrest, South Indy – Helped Harriet sell her lovely tri-level so she could downsize.6050 Tacoma

Selling Agent ~ Gilbert Woods, Clayton – Helped Kelly & Nicki & family find this perfect country home.

Clayton IN

Selling Agent ~ Clermont Lakes, Brownsburg – Helped Cathy find the perfect home closer to family.


Selling Agent ~ CR 250 Pittsboro – Helped Garett & Rachel & family find a large country home they could enjoy.


Listing Agent ~ CR 250 Pittsboro – Helped Cathy sell her home quickly so she could downsize.


Selling Agent ~Northbrook, North Indy – Helped Scott, Amanda & family find a great home.

1041 W 78TH ST

Listing Agent ~ Whittington Village in Brownsburg – Helped Karen & Cliff sell their home quickly.

729 Muirfield

Selling Agent ~ Heritage Lake – Helped Joshua & Renee & family with their perfect first home!


Listing Agent ~ Heritage Lake – Sold Kelly & Nicki’s home so they can purchase home in Hendricks County!


Selling Agent ~ Burton Crossing, South Indy – Nice large home for Tony, Joan &  family with room to grow!

6434 Fiesta

Selling Agent ~ Williamsburg Village, Brownsburg – Lisa’s new home closer to family


Listing Agent ~ Brighton Bay, Lebanon – Sold Lisa’s home so she could be closer to family in Indy area.


Listing Agent ~ Liberty Creek Estates, Indy – Sold Eric’s home to move to Whitestown


Selling Agent ~ Brownswood Estates, Brownsburg ~ Betsy’s and Nellie’s new home!

650 Sycamore

Listing Agent ~ Aston Run, Crawfordsville ~ Sold Betsy’s home in one day!


Listing Agent ~ Cloverleaf Farms, Indy ~ Sold Darryl & Ethel’s home so they could relax and golf more!


Listing Agent ~ Falcons Nest, Indy ~ Sold Elizabeth & Richards nice home so they can enjoy Florida!


Listing Agent ~ Temple Estates, Danville ~ Helped Tom & Lisa sell their parents great home.


Selling Agent ~ Hendricks Heights,  Avon ~ Found this great home for David and closed quickly.


Selling Agent ~ 5 acres on SR 47 ~ Helped Micki & Jake purchase land to build their Land Dream Home

6558 N SR 47

Selling Agent ~ Lynhurst Gardens, Indy ~ Helped first time home buyer April buy this cute home.

Greensward lane

Selling Agent ~ E Stop 13, Indianapolis ~ Helped first time home buyer Sam find this gem in south Indy.

E Stop 13

Selling Agent ~ N CR 50E Danville ~ Helped John & Sheena buy this 5 acre lot to build their dream home!


Listing Agent ~ N CR 50E Danville ~ Sold this beautiful 5 acre lot for Loretta.


Selling Agent ~ Allens Acres, Whitestown ~ Found the cute home for Eric, Nicole & family.


Selling Agent ~ Stratford of Avon ~ Helped Jean find that perfect home for her and her furry family!

6325 Juliet

Listing Agent ~ Hidden Valley Estates, Plainfield ~ Sold Ryan & Megans home so they could move into their brand new home!

Woodland Trace

Listing Agent ~ E CR 725 N, Brownsburg ~ Had an accepted offer on Aly & Rob’s home 3 days after putting it on the market!


Selling Agent ~ CR 50S Zionsville ~ Aly, Rob, & family are enjoying their great home on 10 acres with Herman the turkey and chickens.


Listing Agent ~ Bentwood Park, Plainfield ~ Helped Vicky sell her home quickly (5 days) so she could be closer to family.


Selling & Listing Agent ~ Murry Meadows, Avon ~ Worked out a deal for Mark & Heather to purchase Paul and Deanna’s home that wasn’t even on the market, right in our own neighborhood. A win/win for everyone!

Hawthorne Court

Selling Agent ~ Colony at Heartland Crossing ~ Great home with lots of room for first time home buyer Matt.

Daylight Dr

Selling Agent ~ Clermont Lakes ~ Found this wonderful home for Brandi & Tim with a cool porch.


Listing Agent ~ Westwood, Indy ~ Sold Mark & Heather’s home so they can move out in the country.


 Listing Agent ~ Stadium Drive, Brownsburg ~ Listed and sold Brandi’s home in 5 days so she and her husband can get a larger home.


Listing Agent ~ Downtown, Danville ~ Sold Rick’s classic home to free up his enjoyment of retirement.


Listing Agent ~ Chapel Glen ~ Sold this beautiful tri-level Estate home to help the family.


Listing Agent ~ Liberty Oak, Indy ~ We sold Josh, Michelle, & Nicholes home so they can move to FL


Listing Agent ~ Brixton Woods, Pittsboro ~ We sold Laura’s cute home so she can move to southern IN


Listing Agent ~ Downtown, Danville ~ We sold Ron’s classic home so he can travel more with Denise

Indiana Street

Listing Agent ~ Salt Creek, Brown County ~ We sold Becky’s 15 acre lot just outside Nashville


Selling Agent ~ Garfield Park Area, Indy ~  found a great home for Karen, a first time buyer


 Listing Agent ~ Northbrook, Indy ~ We sold Jeff’s home so he could move to FL


Listing Agent ~ Roachdale ~ We sold Ray & Melynda’s commercial office building


Selling Agent ~ Roachdale ~ We found a new location for Bill & Bonnie to run their business Boilermasters


Selling Agent ~  Admirals Point, Geist ~ We found a wonderful home for Kraig, Dianne & family with a pool


Selling Agent ~ Fairfield Woods, Plainfield ~ We found a nice home for Eric & Hollie & family to relocate from IL


Listing Agent ~ Winton Meadows, Avon ~We sold Mark’s investment property


Selling Agent ~ Avon Trails, Avon ~ We found a great home for Richard & Tammy close to work


Listing Agent ~ Brixton Woods, Pittsboro ~ Sold Joy’s home with the first showing so she could move to be with family.


Listing Agent ~ Glennwoods, Indy ~ We sold John & Dorthy’s home so they could retire and enjoy their free time.


Listing Agent ~ Ledgewood Dr, Avon ~ We helped Dianna find a buyer so she could move closer to family.


Selling Agent ~ Westmere, Plainfield ~ We helped Tammy find a great home.

2443 Windsor Pl

Selling Agent ~ Wynbrooke, Avon ~ First time home buyers Samantha & Jason loved this great home on first sight!


Selling Agent ~ Raymond Park Village, Indy ~ First time home buyers Dustin & Stephanie loved the park right behind this home.

2269 Salem Park

Listing Agent ~ N County Road 200E – Avon ~ Sold David’s investment home at full list price.


Selling Agent ~ Leland Place, Indy ~ First time home buyers Rachel & John loved the hardwood floors in this great home.

6339 N Michigan Rd

Selling Agent ~ Woodpointe, Indy ~ First time home buyers Andy & Brianna were charmed by this home and it’s exactly what they were looking for!


Selling Agent ~ Rainbow Lane – Spencer ~ First time home buyer Bill Jr purchased this HUD home in the woods with 3 acres.


Selling Agent ~ Colony Lake, Plainfield ~ Charlene was so happy to get her Indiana condo for her summers here.

2832 Colony Lake

Listing Agent ~ Irvington, Indy ~ Shelia was thrilled we sold her investment home.5829 New York

Selling Agent ~ Irvington, Indy ~ Ed and Billie love there new Queen Ann style Irvington home!

5829 New York

Selling Agent ~ Ritter Ave, Indianapolis ~ Sold Billie’s home to move to Irvington!

1812 Ritter Ave

Selling Agent ~ Cobblestone Springs, Avon ~ Jeff, Laura & kids loved the extra room moving up to this home.

428 Winterwood

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