Aug 152013
Weapons of War

Weapons of War

There’s nothing like an invasion of those pesky little flies that seem to come from nowhere, fill areas of your home, and then fly right into your face. I hate it when you go to take a drink and there is one taking laps around the top of your glass. Well I did some research and came of with some simple methods that helped us win this battle, or at least turn the tide in our favor.

First step is to clean your drains (they also go by the nickname drain flies), because they can live off the scum growing inside your kitchen & bathroom drains (yech). I just used bleach and very hot water to do the trick.

Second step is to arm yourself with a weapon. I took a spray bottle, filled it with water and a little dish soap, and set it to drown mode (mist). Now when that pesky little guy is in your face, mist away at him. It will knock him out mid-flight and then you can drown him wherever he lands (soapy water doesn’t hurt many things). I was so irritated with these guys I spent one morning hunting them down and misting a bunch of them! (yes, I’m easy to entertain).

The final step is to set traps to eliminate the sneaky ones. They are also known as vinegar flies because they love it.  Take some vinegar as it makes a great smelly bait (I used apple vinegar), and mix it with a couple of drops of dish soap in a small cup. I prefer a clear cup so I can see my results. Then cover with thin plastic (I used saran wrap) and secure with a rubber band. Finally poke some small holes for them to crawl through and set in areas they hang out (mostly around drains & moisture).

We did all these and the number of flies dropped dramatically in 2 days. I’m going to refresh the traps and see if any more show up before I declare total victory, but from now on I know how to battle these small, sneaky little foes.

And if you’re trying to sell your home, you don’t want your current tenants (the flies) to annoy potential buyers!

If you have any good methods you’ve learned let us know in the comment section. We all want to win this battle!

Update: 2 weeks later and I only occasionally find a dead one in a trap. Haven’t seen a flying one in a long time. I declare victory!



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