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The Craftsman style home was a revolution in American architectural design built all over the nation in the early 1900’s. The name comes from a popular magazine published in the early 1900s by furniture maker Gustav Stickley called The Craftsman.


This was supposed to be a Sears catalog order home built in the early 1900’s.

A typical Craftsman style home is characterized by having low, gentle sloping roofs, and while generally being only one story tall many also have upper levels with rooms and dormers like a story and a half house has. The house usually has wide eaves and a large deep porch on the front to enjoy the cool summer evenings. The Craftsman home is designed to be a solid, simple dwelling with some Arts & Crafts styles built in.

In the early 1900’s homes by top designers could be expensive for the common folk, but there were plenty of affordable mass-produced kit homes that allowed everyone to own a piece of the lifestyle. Sears Robuck & Co. sold its own popular kit homes in bungalow and foursquare style that still can be found all across America. Drive through any neighborhood built in the early 1900’s and you’ll probably see some classic examples of Craftsman style homes. The home pictured was built in the early 1900’s by the same person that built the ones to the north and south of its location. Each home is a different version of Craftsman style popular at the time.

Today some builders are offering models that use elements of the Craftsman style in their design, but you know they don’t have that solid, unique structure found in the charming older homes from the original era. For those whom appreciate older homes with style, a Craftsman is a good one to look into for your next home.

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