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Is The Market Slowing Down?

Is The Market Slowing Down? The real answer would be ‘Yes & No’. Why? There still are not enough homes to satisfy the demand and now that interest rates are inching up it seems would be sellers are getting cold feet. And buyers are still struggling to find homes that… Read More »Is The Market Slowing Down?

History, Whiskey, & Real Estate in Hendricks County

Interesting bit of history of the beginning of Hendricks County government from the History of Hendricks County by Honorable John V. Hadley written in 1914. The government provided whiskey distributed by the coroner to help people pick out the property to purchase. Not a marketing strategy we can really get away with today…

Hendricks County Historical Museum ~ A Really Cool Place To Visit

One of those interesting places in Hendricks County that you may not even know about, the Hendricks County Historical Museum is a great place to check out interesting history about the local area. The museum is located in the former Sheriff’s Residence and jail. Built in 1866 at an approximate… Read More »Hendricks County Historical Museum ~ A Really Cool Place To Visit