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It Takes Teamwork to Sell Your Home

Selling property takes teamwork from both the seller & family and the REALTOR® who is under contract. Most people will think the REALTOR® is solely responsible for selling the property but that in fact is only partially true.

The Derrick Team

Teamwork Sells Homes!

The REALTOR® under contract with a seller is responsible for marketing, talking with other REALTORS® with clients interested in the property, and making sure all offers have complete contracts before the actual sale is completed. A good REALTOR® will advise their clients on items that help the property show better along with possible sales prices based on a Comparative Market Analysis.

But the main thing that makes this a true teamwork situation that most people don’t realize is the seller sells the home, not the REALTOR®.

Seller Responsibilities
While the REALTOR® advises a client on possible sales prices, it is the seller who sets the price the property is to be listed at. We know that overpriced property can take a long time to sell, if it sells at all. Proper pricing is the responsibility of the seller. Add the fact that only the seller can determine the offer price which they are willing to accept and you see, the seller has complete control on selling the property, not the REALTOR®. And the final part the seller controls is the actual showing condition of the property. This can make a big difference on how buyers view the property and ultimately the price offered. All that makes the seller & family very important team members in getting the property sold at a good price.

REALTOR® Responsibilities
So what is important about the REALTOR® you hire? A good REALTOR® will make sure contracts are in order and list your property in the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service). A great REALTOR® makes sure you have a good photos and description in the MLS. The BEST REALTOR® will market you home to make sure the most buyers view your home in increase the odds of the right buyer finding your property and bringing a great offer. The Derrick Team with our Above & Beyond Marketing will do that for you.

With a dedicated web site and extensive Internet exposure you’ll find The Derrick Team a very valuable member of the team to sell your property! Especially since you get 2 agents for the price of one! Get more details at www.DerrickTeam.com then call us at 317-563-1110 or drop us a note at DerrickTeam@DerrickTeam.com!

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