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Happy Birthday Hendricks County

Old-CourthouseHendricks County will celebrate its 186th birthday on December 20, 2009. The eighth General Assembly of Indiana met at Corydon on the first day of December, 1823, and created three counties before the close of the session, among them being Hendricks, the fifty-first county to be organized in the state. The bill creating the county was introduced in the Senate on December 9th and, after passing both houses of the Legislature, was signed on December 20th by Governor William Hendricks, in whose honor the new county was named. The county had been a part of the so-called New Purchase which was secured from the Indians in the fall of 1818, and, previous to its organization, had been under the civil and criminal jurisdiction of contiguous counties.

In 1823, Indianapolis was a mere village, with a few log cabins and a population not to exceed two hundred. In fact, the whole population of the state did not exceed one hundred and fifty thousand. Not a railroad, canal or improved road of any kind was to be found within the limits of the state and all transportation was confined to the trails through the dense woods and to the streams and rivers flowing into the Ohio and Wabash.

I found this information in a fascinating book: History of Hendricks County Indiana, Her People, Industries and Institutions by The Honorable John V. Hadley published in 1914. It’s hard to imagine what is was like back then with everything one had coming from nothing but hard labor. It’s important to remember the pioneers that started settling this area and to learn the history to appreciate what we have now, a great place to live. You can check it out yourself at this link: http://www.archive.org/details/historyofhendric00hadl

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