Aug 282014

As you drive on county roads in Hendricks County you often find the sudden 90-degree turn with a short bit of road before another turn back in the direction you were driving. This is usually due to the nature of how early roads were based on trails that often cut across the areas of land before they were sold. You can see variances from some of the earliest maps of the county roads vs. today’s maps. (The old masp below are available at

Once land was purchased and prepared for use by the new owner they often asked that the county vacate the road across their new land. This is evident in early records of county proceedings in various meeting documents in archives. For roads still used the solution often was to reroute the roads along the property lines. Of course when mostly used by slow foot and horse traffic 90 degree turns weren’t much of an issue. Today these corners are usually marked with tire skid marks from inattentive drivers.

Hendricks County 1865

Hendricks County 1865

Hendricks County 1876

Hendricks County 1876

Hendricks County 1904

Hendricks County 1904

Hendricks County 1920

Hendricks County 1920

Aug 222014

Home for sale: 4023 Victoria LaneIf you are looking for a luxuries quality built completely custom home with a lot of space look no further. This 6 bedroom, 6 bath (plumbed for a 7th), 8761 square foot home with a classic neutral decor has room for everyone to enjoy. With a large master suite on the main level, 3 bedrooms on the second, a very large in-laws quarters complete with private elevator entrance over the garage, and a guest bedroom / bathroom in the basement, there is plenty of private space for everyone.

One of the common areas is the 2 level great room with built in book cases, a gas log fireplace, and is open to the kitchen area and connects to the indoor pool room via sliding glass doors. Also there is a large recreational / entertainment room in the basement complete with a media center and a wet bar. And in addition upstairs you have the family / game room with a large office area overlooking the great room below.

Heated Indoor Pool Room

Heated Indoor Pool Room

The large 4 bay side load garage includes a workshop area and an extra large bay (36×19) to fit a large motor home or boat with a lowered floor so you can step directly into motor home. The indoor 33 x 21 pool room is heated via in floor radiant heating that keeps the temperature comfortable even in the coldest part of winter. In the back yard you have a patio area just outside the pool room and a lovely pergola to sit and enjoy the evening breeze.

Located just west of Avon (Avon Schools) close to US 36 you’re minutes from schools, shopping, and just 15 minutes to the airport. You’ll have to see this home to understand how much you get for a really great price. For more pictures, pricing, and details check out

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Aug 202014

What is a multi-generational home you might ask. Reading a recent PEW report you’ll see there is some debate about that. But we won’t dive into that in this post. We’ll go more into a multigen (short for multi-generational) typical layout and what we see buyers looking for. So for now we’ll just say a home with 2 generations of adults living under the same roof, as that is a growing trend these days. A typical description is a home with in-law quarters as often it’s elderly parents with health issues moving in with their middle aged children so the children can be readily available to take care of them.

Multigenerational homes have been common in other cultures for centuries. It typically was expected for the children to live with aging parents while still having their own children living with them. In older sections of Europe homes are retained by a family for generations and thus designed with that in mind. It’s also common practice in Asian & Hispanic families to have multiple generations under one roof. Here in the U.S. it’s typically more of economic reasons that are starting to drive the multigen home trend. Adult children move back in with their parents for the financial support and elderly parents move in because of growing healthcare expenses and needs.

In-law Quarters

A very nice inlaw quarters in our listing in Avon. Includes private elevator from garage.

See more of our multigen listing in Avon here!

The trend we’ve seen as Realtors in Central Indiana is that in larger homes (6000 sq ft and larger) buyers are looking to see if there is a separate area that would give the parents some privacy and would be easily accessible (no stairs usually). This area should have a bedroom, full bathroom, and an area to set up a small kitchenette. But the ideal setup they really like to see includes a full kitchen, living room, laundry area, and a separate entrance to the outside or garage. The idea is that those living in this area can have total independence but still be just on the other side of a doorway.*

It’s becoming popular enough that if you Google multigen homes you’ll find several sites offering floor plans. And as mentioned before, we are finding that buyers are out looking at larger homes with their aging parents in mind. So if you find you’re thinking having your home remodeled for this purpose, be sure and check local zoning requirements first. Then check with a Realtor for local trends, as you want to make sure that on down the road the changes you make will not affect the sale of the home in a negative way. Otherwise you might want to check into local builders that are building homes designed for multigen homes in areas already zoned for them. We’re thinking multigen homes are going to become much more common in the near future.

If you’re in the market for a multigen home, need to sell yours, or just have questions about remodeling your own home for one, don’t hesitate to call or text The Derrick Team at 317-563-1110 or shoot us an email at

* It should be noted that this area has access to enter the home so this is not the same as an apartment. If you try to secure the home entry you now you have a multi-family home, which is zoned differently and is not usually allowed in typical neighborhoods. So if you plan to remodel your home for an in-law quarters be sure and check your local zoning first.

Jul 132014

The Hendricks County Agricultural Society was organized in 1852, and bought grounds three acres in extent, a mile west of Danville, for fair purposes. Many changes were made, and additions to the grounds were purchased from time to time. Fairs were held annually until 1881, when the society having previously become involved’ in debt, it was totally unable to pay its premiums, and the property was sold. From the History of Hendricks County ~ Intra-State Publishing Company – 1885

Find out all about the current Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds here:

Connie with Noel Brumm’s 1947 International ID 6 tractor we sponsor at the Antique Tractor display!

Connie with Noel Brumm’s 1947 International ID 6 tractor we sponsor at the Antique Tractor display at the 4-H Fair.


Jun 192014
1937 flooding in Indiana

Damaged Farmhouse – 1937

In 2004 FEMA started to finally update flood maps do to the discovery of several areas not properly covered during previous years flood events. This is  an ongoing process and in some cases homeowners are not aware their home has been designated a high flood risk area and may require flood insurance. The process is not very scientific and mistakes are made.

Any time you have a mortgage on property in a SFHA (Special Flood Hazard Area), the lender will usually require you have flood insurance, which can be pricey. The issue is that you may not even realized it until you go to sell your house. You get a buyer and all the sudden the buyer walks because he was told he needs flood insurance by his lender.

We just had this come up with one our listings and the seller found out from a neighbor who just sold their house that the whole street end overlooking a small creek was now in a SFHA. Of course they look down the hill at the creek, so flooding has never been and issue. But now they will have to address it due to disclosure laws.

You might want to do a quick check if you have any doubts on FEMA’s web site here.

Oh oh! Found out the bad news? Now you can try and get a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) that exempts your property. But guess what, you are going to have to pay for it. More details here on FEMA’s site. Not all homes will be able to get one so you’ll be stuck with the higher rates.

Best not wait till it’s time to sell your home. Just the insurance costs will deter some buyers, not the mention that they may think you’ve had flooding problems before. Sometimes the random power of the government will bite you when you least expect it.

Update 2014: The Federal Government just extended the subsidy on flood insurance for a few more years but after that they will be climbing even higher unless the subsidies are extended or made permanent.  We’ve since seen a few more homes that have to deal with this issue. Might want to check this out while you still have time. And be sure and check any property before your purchase so you won’t have any surprises later.

Jun 102014

Helping happy home buyers & sellers all over central Indiana

Listing Agent ~ Liberty Creek Estates NW Indy – Sold Eric’s home to move to Whitestown


Selling Agent ~ Brownsburg Estates in Brownsburg ~ Betsy’s and Nellie’s new home!

650 Sycamore

Listing Agent ~ Aston Run in Crawfordsville ~ Sold Betsy’s home in one day!


Listing Agent ~ Cloverleaf Farms in Indy ~ Sold Darryl & Ethel’s home so they could relax and golf more!


Listing Agent ~ Falcons Nest in Indy ~ Sold Elizabeth & Richards nice home so they can enjoy Florida!


Listing Agent ~ Temple Ct in Danville ~ Helped Tom & Lisa sell their parents great home.


Selling Agent ~ N CR 1050E  Avon ~ Found this great home for David and closed quickly.


Selling Agent ~ 5 acres on SR 47 ~ Helped Micki & Jake purchase land to build their Land Dream Home

6558 N SR 47

Selling Agent ~ Greensward, Indianapolis ~ Helped first time home buyer April buy this cute home with no money down.

Greensward lane

Selling Agent ~ E Stop 13, Indianapolis ~ Helped first time home buyer Sam find this gem in south Indy.

E Stop 13

Selling Agent ~ N CR 50E Danville ~ Helped John & Sheena buy this 5 acre lot to build their dream home!


Listing Agent ~ N CR 50E Danville ~ Sold this beautiful 5 acre lot for Loretta.


Selling Agent ~ E CR 230 Whitestown ~ Found the cute home for Eric, Nicole & family.


Selling Agent ~ Juliet Dr in Stratford of Avon ~ Helped Jean find that perfect home for her and her furry family!

6325 Juliet

Listing Agent ~ Woodland Trace, Plainfield ~ Sold Ryan & Megans home so they could move into their brand new home!

Woodland Trace

Listing Agent ~ E CR 725 N, Brownsburg ~ Had an accepted offer on Aly & Rob’s home 3 days after putting it on the market!


Selling Agent ~ CR 50S Zionsville ~ Aly, Rob, & family are enjoying their great home on 10 acres with Herman the turkey and chickens.


Listing Agent ~ Zimmerman Lane – Plainfield ~ Helped Vicky sell her home quickly (5 days) so she could be closer to family.


Selling & Listing Agent ~ Hawthorne Court, Avon ~ Worked out a deal for Mark & Heather to purchase Paul and Deanna’s home that wasn’t even on the market, right in our own neighborhood. A win/win for everyone!

Hawthorne Court

Selling Agent ~ Daylight Dr, Camby ~ Great home with lots of room for first time home buyer Matt.

Daylight Dr

Selling Agent ~ Riverwood, Indianapolis ~ Found this wonderful home for Brandi & Tim with a cool porch.


Listing Agent ~ Rogers Dr, Indianapolis ~ Sold Mark & Heather’s home so they can move out in the country.


 Listing Agent ~ Stadium Drive, Brownsburg ~ Listed and sold Brandi’s home in 5 days so she and her husband can get a larger home.


Listing Agent ~ Broadway Street, Danville ~ Sold Rick’s classic home to free up his enjoyment of retirement.


Listing Agent ~ Fenster Court, Indianapolis ~ Sold this Estate home to help the family.


Listing Agent ~ Rolling Oak, Indianapolis ~ We sold Josh, Michelle, & Nicholes home so they can move to FL


Listing Agent ~ Lockerbie Lane, Pittsboro ~ We sold Laura’s cute home so she can move to southern IN


Listing Agent ~ Indiana Street, Danville ~ We sold Ron’s classic home so he can travel more with Denise

Indiana Street

Listing Agent ~ Salt Creek, Brown County ~ We sold Becky’s 15 acre lot just outside Nashville


Selling Agent ~ Hoefgen Street, Indianapolis ~  found a great home for Karen, a first time buyer


 Listing Agent ~ Trace Lane, Indianapolis ~ We sold Jeff’s home so he could move to FL


Listing Agent ~ Forest Home St, Roachdale ~ We sold Ray & Melynda’s commercial office building


Selling Agent ~ Forest Home St, Roachdale ~ We found a new location for Bill & Bonnie to run their business Boilermasters


Selling Agent ~  Promontory Court, Geist ~ We found a wonderful home for Kraig & Dianne & family with a pool


Selling Agent ~ Fieldstone Lane, Plainfield ~ We found a nice home for Eric & Hollie & family to relocate from IL


Listing Agent ~ Pattype Lane, Avon ~We sold Mark’s investment property


Selling Agent ~ Jackson Way, Avon ~ We found a great home for Richard & Tammy close to work


Listing Agent ~ Morse Circle, Pittsboro ~ Sold Joy’s home with the first showing so she could move to Ohio to be with family.


Listing Agent ~ Red Tail Drive, Indianapolis ~ We sold John & Dorthy’s home so they could retire and enjoy their free time.



Listing Agent ~ Ledgewood Dr, Avon ~ We helped Dianna find a buyer so she could move closer to family.


Selling Agent ~ Windsor Court, Plainfield ~ We helped Tammy find a great home in Westmeir

2443 Windsor Pl

Selling Agent ~ Northern Dancer Dr, Avon ~ First time home buyers Samantha & Jason loved this great home on first sight!


Selling Agent ~ Salem Park, Indianapolis ~ First time home buyers Dustin & Stephanie loved the park right behind this home.

2269 Salem Park

Listing Agent ~ N County Road 200E – Avon ~ Sold David’s investment home at full list price.


Selling Agent ~ Michigan Dr, Indianapolis ~ First time home buyers Rachel & John loved the hardwood floors in this great home.

6339 N Michigan Rd

Selling Agent ~ Timberwood Dr, Indianapolis ~ First time home buyers Andy & Brianna were charmed by this home and it’s exactly what they were looking for!


Selling Agent ~ Rainbow Lane – Spencer ~ First time home buyer Bill Jr purchased this HUD home in the woods with 3 acres.


Selling Agent ~ Colony Lake Drive, Plainfield ~ Charlene was so happy to get her Indiana condo for her summers here.

2832 Colony Lake

Listing Agent ~ New York, Indianapolis ~ Shelia was thrilled we sold her investment home in Irvington.

5829 New York

Selling Agent ~ New York, Indianapolis ~ Ed and Billie love there new Queen Ann style Irvington home!

5829 New York

Selling Agent ~ Ritter Ave, Indianapolis ~ Sold Billie’s home to move to Irvington!

1812 Ritter Ave

Selling Agent ~ Winterwood, Avon ~ Jeff & Laura & kids loved the extra room moving up to this home provided with the basement.

428 Winterwood