Oct 292010

 How important is it for you to sell your home?

There are different types of Realtor services available to those who are looking to sell your home. Each one has a general base commission rate that is determined by what they provide the seller to help get the property sold. But what most people don’t realize is the whole commission that is charged is normally split 4 ways.

RallyAwardFirst you have the split between what the listing broker/agent and what selling broker/agent (who brings the buyer) receives at the closing. The second split is referred to as the Broker-Agent Commission (BAC). The BAC is important as this amount attracts the agents with buyers to your property. A lower BAC could make a difference in a sale as an agent may guide a buyer to a similar listing with a higher BAC. So a home with a 3.5 BAC will be considered more often than homes with 2.5 or even 3.0. We always recommend at least a 3.5 in this market and even 4.0 if you really want motivated agents showing your property in today’s market.

Second each of these halves are split again in a predetermined percentage between each agent and their associated broker. In most cases this is a 50/50 split so the listing agent and the selling agent actually end up with about ¼ each of the total commission.

In the Indy Metro area you will find that most full service brokers generally start at a 7% commission and reduce them on a sliding scale depending on the properties listed sales price. Your discount brokers will often reduce this down to 4 to 5% but offer a much lower BAC to agents bringing the buyers.

Now keep in mind the agent who is working the hardest to sell your home is only getting ¼ of the commission. So the selling agents income difference between 5 & 7% on a $100,000 sale is $500. Do you really think that the agent with the lower commission rate can afford to invest as much time and money in marketing your home as would a full service broker? Also note, a well marketed home with more buyers looking at it typically gets a higher sales price.

So again we ask: How important is it for you to sell your home?

Carpenter Realtors is a full service broker that provides a wealth of marketing tools including the exclusive Home Marketing System for all their agents.

The Derrick Team uses these tools and even more (like dedicated listing web sites) to achieve maximum exposure of your property to buyers in today’s market. Call or text us today to find out more at 317.563.1110. We work 7 days a week, evenings too!

Oct 062010

BrookBendSOLDIn the first part we discussed the types of REALTOR®s in this area. Now as you interview agents, here are some of the things to ask to see how agents work for you to sell your property.

Things to ask a REALTOR®

What is all the information you will put on the MLS?

How many pictures do you put on the MLS?

Can I see some examples of pictures you used before?

What do you offer as the BAC?

What kind of print advertising do you do?

Do you distribute books or flyers with our properties information?

Do you offer flyers for people driving by?

How will you show our property?

Is there someone else available for us to talk to if you are not available?

Do you offer books with additional information for showings?

Will you get feedback and follow up with agents who show our property?

How often are you willing to do open houses?

What kind of Internet marketing do you provide?

What kind of Internet presence do you or your broker have?

Do you provide Internet traffic reports on our property?

Will you provide a dedicated web site for our property?

These are just some of the things a good REALTOR® should be willing to do to help you sell your property. Be sure and ask for examples and give them some concerns you might have. If you don’t feel comfortable with all their answers, be sure to interview some more agents before making your choice. You want to sell your property and should want the best REALTOR® doing it!

The Derrick Team would love to answer these questions and more as you go through your selection process. We feel confident that we can market your home with the best tools and more. Give us a call or text today at 317.563.1110 to setup a no pressure, no obligation discussion on selling your property. We’ll do a free Competitive Market Analysis and give you tips on what your property needs to sell in the current market.

Sep 292010

So you are getting ready to list, or relist your property with a professional REALTOR®, here is a rundown on what to look for as your options.

Listing Service

This is a company that charges a flat fee to provide you the services of a broker to assist you in selling your home. This is only an option if you are willing to do most of the work yourself. They do the minimum amount of work to place your home in the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). After that you’re on your own to market, show, and hold open houses. You have to determine your BAC (what an agent who sells your home gets) which can determine how many showings you get. If your property doesn’t sell, you’re out their fee and all your time and money spent marketing the property.

Discount Broker

This is an agency where you will have an assigned agent to work with you to list your property and only charge you a discounted fee (typically 5 to 6 %) if your home sells. They will provide you the necessary service to list your home in the MLS, usually show your home or provide a method for other agents to show the home, and maybe even do some limited marketing. They might do open houses if you request it but probably won’t offer that willingly. They will list on the MLS at a reduced BAC rate depending on what the commission is set at, which can sometimes impact the amount of showings. The better ones will offer some extra marketing such as virtual tours but don’t count on it.

20150811_150744Full Service Broker

This is an agency where you will have an assigned agent to work with you to list your property and charge you a fee based on several factors for the area (typically 7 % or more in the metro west area) if your home sells. They will provide you the necessary service to list your home in the MLS, show your home and provide a secure method for other agents to show the home, and will do much more marketing. They typically will provide a improved web search ability to help sell your home on the Internet (where 90% of buyers start their home search) and some additional print marketing such as flyers and books for potential buyers to have. Most will have their own sections in the newspaper to advertise homes and open houses. They will offer the highest BAC which draws other agents to show your property. And most will offer to do open houses if you want.

So to summarize:

Listing Service: Flat fee, home on MLS, sign in yard (you pay for it), show the home yourself, you pay out the BAC, out time and money if home doesn’t sell.

Discount Broker: Lower commission, home on MLS, sign in yard, take care of showings, lower BAC, some marketing and maybe open houses. No charge to you if home doesn’t sell.

Full Service Broker: Standard commission, home on MLS, sign(s) in yard, take care of showings, offer attractive BAC, extensive marketing and open houses. No charge to you if home doesn’t sell. They will work the hardest to sell your property as they will put more time and money into selling your property and will get nothing in return if they don’t succeed!

The market for selling homes is very competitive, especially in this current economy. You need to compete with homes being marketed by Full Service Brokers. Is it worth the risk to try saving a few dollars in a large financial transaction when there is so much at stake? Contact  your Full Service (and more) REALTOR®s, The Derrick Team today to find out more what we can do for you. Call or text 317-563-1110 anytime, we work 7 days a week, evenings too.

Sep 252010

logoWhen Indiana was first created in 1819 Hendricks County was all wilderness and inhabited by the Delaware Indians who mainly used it for hunting ground. The Indians had no major trails or villages in the county so they only came and hunted the area and then left. Much of the northern part of the county was swampland so the first settlers found the best area to settle in was the southern sections.

In 1820 many new settlers to the area came from Guilford, North Carolina and settled on White Lick Creek and used the abundant timber to build log cabins. They named the township that was formed in the area Guilford after where they had migrated from. As many of the early settlers were Quakers, they lived a simple life and dressed in rather plain looking clothes.

As more settlers moved into the area, they saw the beauty of the wilderness occupied by the plain people and came up with the name of Plainfield to describe what they saw. Plainfield was first incorporated in 1839 with an election of 42 votes. Later the incorporation charter was given up in favor of township rule. In 1904 Plainfield was again incorporated and has continued to grow as the largest town in Hendricks County.

Sep 132010

Rockwood Today

This landmark in Avon has a long history and is located on 625E just west of Stratford of Avon, this 3 story home has 4800 sq ft of living area plus a large basement.

The History

The 70 acres that belonged to Rockwood were purchased July 30, 1907 for $2,500 by Drs Thomas J. Beasley and Harvey A. Moore who planned to produce the finest treatment for tuberculosis patients which was a serious disease at the time. About 20 physicians and Merchants National Bank in Indianapolis were financial backers of this enterprise as everyone saw this as a breakthrough method of treating TB. At the age of 26, Dr. Beasley was director and president of Rockwood and he was already well-known in the early 1900s for his successful treatment of TB.

Rockwood in the early 1900’s

Patients at Rockwood endured the cold winters living in small unheated cottages with “window sides,” that were opened while patients slept. The idea being the cold fresh air was important to treat the disease. The accepted practice of the time was to send patients to hot, dry, western states and Dr. Beasley as saw this as too outlandish. His idea was to treat patients in the climate in which it was originally contracted and he thought the clean country air in Avon was a perfect place for treatment.

Rockwood produced nearly all its own food and patients were provided full, balanced meals plus extra meals of raw eggs and fruit. All the vegetables, meat, and dairy products including the maple syrup came from the rich farmlands in the “White Lick Valley,” which Rockwood owned. Ice for summer use was cut from Whitelick Creek and stored in sawdust. Charges for a double cottage were $18 a week and $25 a week for a private cottage.

From the Indiana Medical Journal May 1908:
Much can be done by private sanitariums on a small scale. The Rock wood Tuberculosis Sanitarium near Danville Indiana, eighteen miles west of Indianapolis is built upon the bungaloo style posts and a roof with properly adjusted screens. The results have been excellent while the prices are moderate not more than half as much as the cost of a trained nurse and physician. The State Commission would do well to study the method of construction and care taking of the Rockwood sanitarium as an example of the simplicity economy and success of the Bungaloo system.

But all was not well. The initial mortality rate of TB patients at Rockwood was extremely high; 34.9 per cent died in a one-month period. Those statistics couldn’t have helped the sanitarium’s reputation. Around the same time  new drugs and vaccines made recovery quicker and the need for long therapy the sanitarium provided was lessening by 1910. So advances in treatments doomed Rockwood’s success and it closed it’s doors and was sold in 1913 just  6 years after is opened.

After it closed in 1913 Charles and Violet Isaacs purchased the property west of CR 625E which has the original three-story building that was the recreation center and living quarters for Rockwood’s interns, nurses and servants (center of 1900’s photo above). The building was a mess and they lived in the servants quarters while they fixed the home and added the south and north wings of the current home. Most of the cottages were purchased and moved off the property but 2 old outbuildings are still there on what is now a 3 acre lot.

If you would like to find a classic local home give The Derrick Team a call today at 317.563.1110.

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Some information for this post found in “The History of Hendricks County 1914~1976” available for purchase at The Hendricks County Historical Society
Bottom photo from The Hendricks County Historical Society archives.

Aug 262010

The man directly responsible for the naming of the newly incorporated county seat of Hendricks County was Judge William Watson Wick, one of the pioneer jurists of Indiana. He was judge of the Indiana’s fifth circuit covering several counties. Judge Wick was holding court in Hendricks County when the commissioners were discussing what to name the county seat as they considered the incorporation in 1858. The Judge had a brother named Dan and in honor of him he urged the commissioners to adopt the name Danville, which was done.

About the time of the incorporation of Danville the local water was regarded the best in the area with springs of pure water at several locations. One of those springs was even located right in the court house yard. When an election was held in the town some of the voters would get thirsty and depart for the spring in the hollow to get a drink. However, their source of supply was a keg hidden in the bushes alongside the spring.

Makes one wonder if they were heading out to the keg to drink one to Dan, the man their new county seat was named for.

And the name Danville stuck and whether you agree or not, you’ll have to be the Judge…..

This Information from the History of Hendricks County by Hon. John V. Hadley published in 1914

Aug 142010

EntryDoorArtworkStart With The Exterior
First impressions count thus the outside ‘Curb Appeal’ is a must for items to be taken care of for preparing to sell a home. If the outside looks rough, they assume the interior is the same.  Step out to the street and note the condition of the following items: trim work, shutters, gutters, shingles, mailboxes, windows & window screens, walkways and the driveway. Then clean, paint, repair, or replace as needed to give the fresh look to prospective buyers driving by. Now look at the landscaping be sure and make it look its best by mowing, edging, seeding, fertilizing and weeding the lawn. Next look  at the trees and shrubs and trim and/or remove overgrown plants and don’t forget to weed and mulch the plant beds. A nice touch is planting colorful seasonal flowers in the existing plant beds. Then continue to clean, mow and trim while the home is on the market on a regular basis, especially for showings & open houses.

Take A Hard Look At Your Front Door!
The front door to your home should invite buyers to enter. Look at the condition of the door and clean, paint, or replace anything that looks really bad. Make sure everything works properly like the latch that clicks shut without fidgeting with it. Look for details like the screen door, the doorbell, the porch lights, and even the house numbers. For the extra touch, place a new welcome mat and a group of seasonal potted plants and flowers by the entry.

Inside: Remove Clutter & Depersonalize
A buyer cannot envision living in your home without seeing it. A home filled with clutter or even too much furniture distracts buyers from seeing how they can utilize the space your home offers. If you have limited storage space, you may want to consider renting a temporary storage unit to place items you wish to keep. Start by holding a garage sale to prepare for your move getting rid of unnecessary items (see our post on Garage Sales). Then box up and store items like books, magazines, toys, tools, supplies and unused items from counter tops, open shelves, storage closets, the garage and basements. Consider storing out-of-season clothing and shoes out of sight to make bedroom closets seem roomier. Go thru the home and organize bookshelves, closets, cabinets and pantries. Serious buyers will tend to look at everything. Depersonalize by putting away most if not all of your personal photographs, unless they really help showcase the home.

Fix Basic Items In The Home
Focus on the minor repairs that will make your home visually appealing such as ceilings and wall cracks, faucets, banisters, handrails, cabinets, drawers, doors, floors and tile. Look at caulking and grouting in tubs, showers, sinks and tile and clean or replace if needed.  Consider painting ceilings, walls, trim, doors and cabinets that are scuffed or have faded or stained areas. Check all the door handles, drawer pulls, light switches and electrical plates and repair or replace as needed. Be sure and lubricate door hinges and locks so there are no creaky scary sounds when they open the doors.

Everyone Looks At The Kitchen
If you are thinking of spending any money on renovations, this is the one area where you will see the greatest return. Even with a modest budget you can focus on a few key areas like replacing cabinet doors and hardware. Or something simple like installing under-cabinet lighting or replacing older style light fixtures. Be sure to clean or replace outdated shelving with pantry and cabinet organizers to maximize space. Consider replacing the sink and/or fixtures if there are water stains that cannot be removed.

Arraigning The Furniture
Furniture placement can enhance the space of your home while giving buyers an idea of how to best utilize the space with their own belongings. Take some time to rethink how different areas in your house could be used. Consider moving couches and chairs away from walls in your sitting and family rooms to create cozy conversational groups. Use a comfy chair with a lamp and table to create a reading corner in the master bedroom. Give empty rooms a purpose with a spare bed & dresser for guests or a desk and bookshelf for an office.

Clean And Keep Clean
The cleanliness of your home also influences a buyer’s perception of its condition. The appearance of the kitchen and bathrooms will play a considerable role in a buyer’s decision process, so pay particular attention to these areas.  Be sure and clean all windows, fixtures, hardware, ceiling fans, vent covers and appliances. Don’t forget to clean inside the refrigerator, the stove (especially if included in the sale) and all cabinets. Unless you’ve just installed new flooring be sure to remove all stains from carpets, rugs, and floors. And most importantly be very sure to eliminate any source of bad odors, especially if you have pets as we’ve seen buyers walk in and turn right around if they smell something bad. A nice touch would be using air fresheners or potpourri but you have to be careful as some buyers might think you are hiding something.

Light Up
Create a sense of openness and cheerfulness in your home through its lighting. Simple items, like opening shades and drapes to let the sunshine warm and brighten rooms are easy (make sure the windows are clean). But consider the next step by installing brighter light bulbs in rooms that tend to be dark or adding additional lamps for ambient lighting. And be sure to turn on all the lights for a showing.

Final Touches
You can easily add color and style to your home by adding fresh touches throughout. Consider placing fresh floral arrangements in the entry and master bedroom and placing bowls of bright-colored fruit in the family room and the kitchen. Fill an empty corner with a (healthy) potted leafy plant or an antique table or rocker.
In the bathrooms always have new hand soap and clean fresh towels near the sinks.

While all this seems like a lot to work on, consider you want to sell your most expensive asset for the highest amount the market will bring. Nice looking correctly staged homes will always sell faster for more money than those that are worn and will need a little work by the buyer to get move in ready. When you are just in the beginning stages of preparing you home be sure and call The Derrick Team at 317.563.1110 as we will gladly come take a look at your home and suggest what items are most important to help sell your home. Roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Jul 132010

SearchScreenLooking for a new home now or in the near future? Be sure and take advantage of our FREE Call Carpenter web site search tool. Just read what a recent new user said:

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Rachael, first time homebuyer

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Be sure and check this out today! Just click on the ‘Property Search Tool’ tab at the top of this screen.

Be sure and call or text The Derrick Team at 317-563-1110 with any questions you have. We work 7 days a week, evenings too.

Jul 102010
Dreaming of a New Home?

Dreaming of a New Home?

Even if it’s a year or two away, there are things you should consider now so you are better prepared when the time comes. We’ll discuss the basics and point you to some tools you can use to get started. Even if you are selling a current home and moving into a new one, much of this applies as well.

First and foremost, work on your financing. The sooner you figure this out, the better you’ll be prepared for everything else. I would suggest working out a budget if you don’t already have one. This can help determine what you feel you can afford for a house payment. Then when you talk to a finance person you have a better understanding when they explain what a monthly payment amount covers and how much ‘home’ you can afford. (The homes costs include the mortgage, money down, and other costs for the transaction). There are also online tools such as this calculator that give you a rough idea: How Much Home Can I Afford?

If you don’t already have it, it’s a good idea to check your credit report. This is a great tool that I’ve used myself and you are allowed to use it once a year for free to check all three major credit services: Annual Credit Report . They will try and sell you extra services but if you just use it to check your report it costs you nothing, (by law the credit services must supply you one free report per year). Look your reports over carefully and if you see something wrong, now it the time to fix it, before you go to secure financing for the home you saw and fell in love with (and then can’t get the financing).

Searching For Homes
Next, start thinking about the type of home you’ll want and the area you think you want to move to. This is where I recommend you hook up with a REALTOR®. Find one that knows the area you’re looking at and see what they say about the availability and prices you would be looking at. Remember, when buying a home using a REALTOR®, you pay nothing for our services, (as explained in this earlier post).

Of course I hope you will consider The Derrick Team as your REALTOR® of choice. Connie and I have no problem working with you long before you’re ready to make your purchase. We want to guide you in your search and even when it takes a year or two we’ll be glad to help you get started. We have the knowledge and tools of our own with which we will assist you in your search. One such tool is on our web site, the Search and Save feature located on the menu at DerrickTeam.com. It’s free to use and allows you to create searches, save and email the results to yourself or others.

Selling Your Home
If you have a home to sell you definitely want to get a REALTOR® early on, so we can help you determine your homes value as it currently is, thus guiding any improvements you make to prepare your home for sale. Depending on shows like you see on HGTV could really make you waste a lot of money on things that don’t help in your neighborhood.

Give The Derrick Team a text or call today for any current or future Real Estate needs at 317.563.1110. We’ll be glad to talk to you about anything you’re thinking about doing now or two years from now. It’s never too early to start planning such a big purchase. And remember, we work 7 days a week, evenings too!

Jul 012010
Many people get ‘the bug’ to get a new car occasionally. No real reason to replace the one you have, just ‘they see something new and just gotta have it’. Most people view this as they’re already making a payment, might as well make it a few more years. This mentality can lead to perpetual car payments for the rest of your life. Great when things are good but, well you get the idea.
Derrick Team Transport

My Reliable 10 Year Old Car

So the best advice I’ve heard when you get ‘the bug’ is really true. Since you get the best bang for your buck if your trade-in vehicle looks top notch, spend a day cleaning, waxing, and making it look its best before you head to the dealership. The reason that’s such a good idea is that you might sit back and realize your current car looks great and will be paid off next year. And common sense kicks in and you keep it and save a lot of money.

OK, now let’s think about your home the same way. There are always reasons that trump this way of thinking like job relocation, don’t like the area, or just tired of walking up and down stairs.  But if you just think it’s a tired old home and you want something new, keep in mind you need to freshen up the look to sell it, so what the hell, figure out what you don’t like and work out a budget. Then decide if you made those changes to the house it would be fine. Need more room? Maybe you can add an addition for less than all the moving expenses would add up to. Kitchen just not up to par? Would a remodel be worth the effort instead of an entire house replacement? Just sit down and write up a list and get some quotes. Then check with a REALTOR® to see what the current market is like. This gives you an idea of what the real costs of staying vs. moving are.

If you find yourself in this position, feel free to call or text The Derrick Team at 317.563.1110. I’ve done a lot of remodeling myself and can give you real world advice on what’s worth the effort, and what to walk away from. And we’ll help research the market to see what’s the best approach.

You’ll get a much better feeling with whatever decision you make then as you know it was the ‘common sense’ approach to dealing with ‘the bug.’

Apr 202010

So you’ve decided to sell your home yourself. We won’t discuss why you chose this route yet. But let’s discuss the process of selling a home first.

Selling your home is a very serious financial transaction. Quite possibly your home is your most valuable asset so when you are ready to sell, you want to make sure you do it properly. Statistics show that 80% of the homeowners that try to sell on their own home eventually use a REALTOR and then realized they wasted a lot of time and effort before they did. There are a lot of things to consider but the basics are broken down to these items.

You will need to: 

  • Price
  • Prepare
  • Market
  • Show
  • Negotiate

You may be able to figure out some of this on your own but you really should consider using a professional REALTOR to make sure each step is done properly and results in the best return for your valuable investment.

Here is what The Derrick Team will do for you to sell your home:

Price for the Market
For pricing we will do the footwork and evaluate your home and property to help you get the best price for the current market. We do a complete Comprehensive Marketing Analysis to guide you to a marketable price for your home. If a home is overpriced, it might never sell, or at least it will sit on the market for a very long time. Plus if the buyer is financing most of the purchase, it might not appraise for the loan and the entire deal will fall through.
Question: Do you have access to proper property comparisons to determine the current market value of your property? If not you might easily underprice and lose financially on your investment or you might overprice and find later it doesn’t appraise killing a possible sale.

Prepare to Show
To help you prepare we will offer suggestions for staging your home to make it attractive to buyers. We make suggestions on both what to make it stage better and what is not worth spending your money on. A well staged home will show better attracting more viewers and ultimately better offers from impressed buyers. A well staged home often sells sooner and for more than a similar home that doesn’t look as nice. First impressions make a big difference in home sales.
Questions: Do you know what to focus on so your home shows nicely? Are you going to have to spend money to spruce it up? If so do you know the least expensive way to approach this?

Marketing Your Home
For marketing we use the best tools available to realtors including the comprehensive set of options available through Carpenter Realtors that are exclusive to Carpenter agents. The Carpenter Home Marketing System is provided to Carpenter Sales Associates regardless of the agent’s income so every property gets the best marketing available. This system includes print, newspaper, Internet, and even TV with Carpenters Showcase of Homes on every Saturday morning. In addition to all this The Derrick Team also utilizes our own “Above and Beyond Marketing” detailed later in this book.
Questions: How much money are you going to pay for marketing? Can you possibly get as much exposure as what The Derrick Team / Carpenter Realtors can give you? Do you realize we would market your house at our own expense and you would owe us nothing if your house doesn’t sell? Can you understand our dedication to marketing and selling your home as we make nothing if we don’t succeed?

Showing Your Home
We use the SentriLock lockbox system which allows us complete control over who has access to your home. This is part of the MIBOR BLC system so all member agents using a security card will be able to show your home without inconveniencing you. Carpenter Realtors uses Centralized Showing Service (CSS) who will coordinate with you and simplifies the ability of buyer’s agents to schedule a time to show your home. This also allows us to track all showings and send you reports with feedback from the buyer’s agent. We also will be happy to hold open houses as we know they do help market your home.
Questions: Are you prepared to take calls from all sorts of “unqualified” buyers who will be coming by to see your house for the first time? Do you have the marketing ability publicize your Open Houses if/when you have them?

Negotiate for You
Finally, the most important step is when a buyer makes an offer. We will work with you for negotiations such as sales price, included items, and any inspection issues that may arise. We will be there at closing to help you with any questions that may come up. We will work closely with you all the way through to make sure no unexpected surprises come up at the last minute.
Question: Are you ready to negotiate with a professional REALTOR when they bring a buyer’s offer (and pay them the BAC fee)? Educated buyers will have a REALTOR as they know it costs them nothing and if you don’t offer a BAC REALTORs will go elsewhere with their buyers.

Door to Door Service
The Derrick Team will also help you find your new home and help negotiate that sales transaction with you. We can even help if it’s on the other side of the country. So we can make sure you go from one house to your next with the least inconvenience to you and your family.
Comment: You might consider that a REALTOR whom you pay to sell your home will help you buy your next home at no cost to you. Thus you are only paying for part of their services.

 Other items to consider:

  • Do you know when to provide the Lead Paint disclosure?
  • How will you negotiate with inspection issues? (Educated buyers will always insist on a home inspection)
  • Do you know when you are supposed to provide the sellers disclosure?
  • Do you realize since you need to be prepared to pay the buyers’ agent’s BAC fees, you only save half the commission selling it yourself?

When it’s OK to Sell Your Home Yourself:

  • You are selling to a good friend or relative on an already agreed upon price. (You’ll still need a title company to properly transfer the deed; we can recommend one for you).
  • You are going to put the wheels back on and deliver it with your pickup truck. (You’ll need to finish the paperwork at the DMV).

If neither of those reasons applies, you might want to reconsider selling your home without professional assistance. Even if you don’t use The Derrick Team, we strongly recommend you use a REALTOR to sell your home.

No Obligations – Call or Text Us Today – 317-563-1110
Give us a call and we’ll be glad to come to your home and talk to you about selling your home with no obligations or hard sell. The Derrick Team just wants to help people sell their homes. We want to help you sell your home for the best possible price, in the least amount of time, with the least inconvenience to you and your family. The Derrick Team / Carpenter Realtors are the best Full-Service REALTORs in Central Indiana.

Apr 142010

On August 25th, 1835 a man by the name of William Harris recorded a plat of land under the name of Harrisburgh. This land had been purchased by him and other family members during the early 1830’s. At the time he recorded the plat in Danville, he mostly owned the land to the north of what is now SR 136 and Joshua Harris owned the land to the south side extending west of White Lick Creek.

As William seemed to be determined to develop the area, Joshua sold a portion to William on September 17, 1836 making William the sole owner of the area around what is now SR 136 and Green St. William then divided the area into lots to establish the town center at this point to be known as Harrisburgh. When the first post office was to be setup in the new town, it was determined there was already a town named Harrisburgh in Indiana (that no longer exists) so the town name was changed to Brownsburgh in honor of James B. Brown, the original settler of the area.

In 1848 the town was incorporated and a chairman and 5 trustees were elected to oversee town affairs. Due to reasons not clear this status was lost afterwards until 1893 and the county commissioners revived the status but the “h” was dropped from the name.

So if not for a town that no longer exists, we would be cheering on the Harrisburgh Bulldogs.

This information from a great book, “The Village of Brownsburg” by Peg Kennedy and Frankie Konovsek.

Mar 142010

SoldSignStep One: Find a REALTOR and stay with them. Loyalty is important to make sure you get the best service possible. Finding the right home is not an easy task. If you are a potential buyer, there are numerous hurdles to be jumped before you finally move into the home you really want. It’s in your best interest to be represented in one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make so finding a good REALTOR is an important first step. The Derrick Team would love to talk to you on how we can help you purchase your home.

Loyalty is important. Some buyers like to leave their name and needs with four or five sales people. Although this sounds like it is to the buyer’s advantage, it’s really not because when a buyer is not committed, none of those agents are going to be spending any extra effort on that buyer’s behalf. You must keep in mind a REALTOR does not get paid (by the seller) until you actually purchase a home using them to represent you in the transaction. So if you are committed to working with us, we will work closely with you to find that perfect dream home you’ve been looking for. With the Derrick Team you will have a dedicated team (Connie & Dennis Derrick), who will take on the personal responsibility of handling all the details of your upcoming home purchase needs.

Work with Professionals. As a members of Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of REALTORS (MIBOR) and the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), we subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics (not all brokers are REALTORS; look for the REALTOR emblem). We will adhere to the Code of Ethics in representing you, our client. In return, we only ask for your loyalty so we may stay committed to helping you in home purchase needs. And keep in mind, our services are paid for by the seller of the property you ultimately purchase, so it costs you nothing!

Call  or text The Derrick Team Today! 317.563.1110 or use our handy Contact Form

Feb 222010

 The Google Factor

youtubeIn my many years in the Information Technology field, I’ve seen things come and go. Technology changes quickly so time is measured in months instead of years. What’s hot now is old news 12 to 18 months later. Obviously the Internet is one technology that has lived on for a long time because of it’s usefulness to spread information. Google has become the champ of search engines (for more than the usual lifespan of a few months) and so we measure information dissemination as to how Google finds and distributes it.

 Now you ask, “Why is this important to selling my home?”

Statistics show that a large percentage of home buyers noted they first saw the home they ultimately purchased on a web site. In Real Estate this is known as the ‘First Showing’. Virtual home tours have become a nice addition to displaying homes on the Internet so The Derrick Team takes this one step further. We are launching a new marketing tool available to our Sellers at no cost. We will build a complete web site dedicated to each of our listings packed with even more information than normally distributed via the MIBOR BLC listing. This will include additional photographs and video clips to give the buyer a complete tour of your home. This web site will be a link on all distributed web site materials from the BLC so there is always an option for a Buyer to visit the site from any of the normal home search services.

In addition to this site we utilize many tools to make your site Google friendly including Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, & Google Alerts. This allows us to effectively fine tune our marketing and make sure we increase your homes’ ‘Internet Presence’ effectively. We also utilize the latest Internet social media tools to market you property which also makes it even more Google friendly.

Now is the time to sell your home with a powerful Internet Presence. Give the Derrick Team a call or text today at 317.563.1110 or use our Contact Form here.

Jan 092010
This 'lean to' was to far gone. I had to tear it down and build a new garage.

This ‘lean to’ was to far gone. I had to tear it down and build a new garage.

Are you handy person who likes to bang nails, cut wood, and slop some paint on the walls?  Well I’m that type and am still working on my old farmhouse I purchased back in 1997 known as ‘This Old Dump’. I had a plan to have the total project completed in 5 years. 13 years later I’m still working on that 5 year plan. I now know that it will never be ‘complete’ as I’ve already started redoing things that just seemed to need a little more attention. And of course sometimes one just likes to change their mind….

Why do I mention this now? Well there are a flood of older homes listed for sale that need a little TLC. Many are bank owned and the prices reflect that because the banks do not want to be homeowners.

Maybe you are looking for your first home. Youth helps as many projects require a lot of physical work, I know as I don’t put in the long days on projects now like I did many years ago when I worked on my first home in the 1980’s. Older people may be looking for something to put money in as an investment. They just need to be aware that it can take awhile for the home to increase in value as the market drives that, not what you put into it. Then others want to become landlords and buy homes as rentals.

Whatever reason you are looking, now is a good time to look for these deals. With my personal experience with my own adventures of This Old Dump, The Derrick Team is ready to help you search and purchase a great deal today! Call or text us today at 317-563-1110 or use our handy Contact Form.


Dec 302009
Early Technology

Early Technology

Over the years we’ve seen technology grow in leaps and bounds in every aspect of our lives. Some of it works to help us, while other things turn out to be a little lacking in practical sense. But for Real Estate it has helped make tremendous gains in how we buy and sell property today.

The main item we’ve become accustom to using for daily tasks is the Internet. It has gone from a small group of computers connected via telephone lines in the late 80’s to the all encompassing information resource which search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo use to bring us results for our information requests.

Where does this fit into Real Estate? Lets start with what Realtors have used for years to share information about regional property listings. Generically known as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS but here in the Indy area the BLC), this is a collection of local property information that is on the market at any given time. For years this was only available to members of the listing service which was local brokers, agents, and other MLS members. This information was printed in a book format on a regular basis and distributed to the MLS members. In each book there were pages and pages with many properties on each page in tiny little boxes with a tiny picture and not much information on the property. To get more information the agent had to call the MLS and had a larger sheet Faxed to them.

Fast forward to today and the Internet.  Now every property listed for sale by MLS members is posted in a database which is then accessible via the Internet. In the Indianapolis Metropolitan area we have MIBOR and the excellent system known as the BLC (Brokers Listing Cooperative). This information is then spread to many other sites that display the basic information to the ever growing property shoppers. According to many studies done today at least 90% of home buyers today first search on the Internet to find information about properties for sale in the area their interested in. Why is this important? How that information is displayed can make a great or lousy first impression on what is commonly referred to as the “First Showing”.

This is where an “Internet Savvy” Realtor can make a difference in selling your home. In future blog posts we’ll cover more on what a good realtor can do for you. But if you cannot wait, call The Derrick Team today at 317-563-1110 and we can show you what we will do for you to market your home to that 90% of Internet searching buyers! Or use our handy Contact Form here!

Dec 172009

Old-CourthouseHendricks County will celebrate its 186th birthday on December 20, 2009. The eighth General Assembly of Indiana met at Corydon on the first day of December, 1823, and created three counties before the close of the session, among them being Hendricks, the fifty-first county to be organized in the state. The bill creating the county was introduced in the Senate on December 9th and, after passing both houses of the Legislature, was signed on December 20th by Governor William Hendricks, in whose honor the new county was named. The county had been a part of the so-called New Purchase which was secured from the Indians in the fall of 1818, and, previous to its organization, had been under the civil and criminal jurisdiction of contiguous counties.

In 1823, Indianapolis was a mere village, with a few log cabins and a population not to exceed two hundred. In fact, the whole population of the state did not exceed one hundred and fifty thousand. Not a railroad, canal or improved road of any kind was to be found within the limits of the state and all transportation was confined to the trails through the dense woods and to the streams and rivers flowing into the Ohio and Wabash.

I found this information in a fascinating book: History of Hendricks County Indiana, Her People, Industries and Institutions by The Honorable John V. Hadley published in 1914. It’s hard to imagine what is was like back then with everything one had coming from nothing but hard labor. It’s important to remember the pioneers that started settling this area and to learn the history to appreciate what we have now, a great place to live. You can check it out yourself at this link: http://www.archive.org/details/historyofhendric00hadl

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