Aug 262010

The man directly responsible for the naming of the newly incorporated county seat of Hendricks County was Judge William Watson Wick, one of the pioneer jurists of Indiana. He was judge of the Indiana’s fifth circuit covering several counties. Judge Wick was holding court in Hendricks County when the commissioners were discussing what to name the county seat as they considered the incorporation in 1858. The Judge had a brother named Dan and in honor of him he urged the commissioners to adopt the name Danville, which was done.

About the time of the incorporation of Danville the local water was regarded the best in the area with springs of pure water at several locations. One of those springs was even located right in the court house yard. When an election was held in the town some of the voters would get thirsty and depart for the spring in the hollow to get a drink. However, their source of supply was a keg hidden in the bushes alongside the spring.

Makes one wonder if they were heading out to the keg to drink one to Dan, the man their new county seat was named for.

And the name Danville stuck and whether you agree or not, you’ll have to be the Judge…..

This Information from the History of Hendricks County by Hon. John V. Hadley published in 1914

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