Feb 182015

Update 1: Right after I published this MIBOR announced a delay until September this year for the cut-over. First little bump has occurred. 

Update 2: Matrix went live September 9th of 2015 to mixed reviews by end users. But in general I’ll say it’s more stable than Tempo ever was.

As with all technology there have been a lot of changes going on lately. Almost every day you hear about new mobile apps for searching real estate and a lot of changes with online search sites such as the Zillow / Trulia merger. But coming real soon there are big changes in store for central Indiana that will impact everyone who uses the MIBOR (Metropolitan Indianapolis Board Of Realtors) web site.

First a little background. The current MIBOR online database has been in use for several years with minor tweaks since the switch from distributed program CD’s and the old monthly catalogs. As with all technology it was the best you could get at the time but then technology evolves and eventually programs and associated databases aren’t quite up to par. The current system called TEMPO is based on a Microsoft platform which limits it to effectively be used in MS Internet Explorer. Today with all the other platforms including Apple products, Android platforms, and the explosion of mobile options, the workarounds with TEMPO just don’t work very well. So at this point it was determined that the system needed a complete overhaul and what MIBOR is rolling out very soon is called MATRIX.matrix

We REALTORS have had time to train and work with MATRIX since the beginning of the year. I can tell you it is a completely different system, which is both good and bad. I will preface this next statement with the fact I worked in IT for over 20 years and worked with many large program rollouts. The rollout of MATRIX is going to be very painful for a lot of people whom we might label ‘technology challenged’. I will also say the team in charge of the rollout has their job cut out for them. But we all know change is never easy. Even I struggle to get used to new or updated programs so there really is never and easy way to achieve something like this.

As with all new programs there will be some wrinkles and bumps to deal with as everyone gets accustom to a completely new interface. And the programmers will be busy for a while working out the usual bugs. But eventually everyone should be able to realize the improvement, especially when they learn the newer features that are available because the underlying database structure is more flexible.

One that everyone should benefit is the quicker response time because the system is based on the latest ‘cloud technology’. For REALTORS the search function includes a lot of custom shortcut tools that will make it easier to find something while on the phone with a client. And most of all will be the platform independence that should make it much easier to adapt to existing or future technology platforms. So get ready, MATRIX is coming!

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