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One thing we find that people selling their home take seriously is the buyer feedback, (sometimes a little too seriously). I’m going to break it down how we use feedback, because it’s important to pay attention to it.

We push for feedback from the agents who show our listings. Some agents are better than others about getting us feedback in a timely fashion, or even at all. The agents can easily send feedback through our showing service CSS (Centralized Showing Service) via automated emails they receive. But if they choose to ignore those requests we will call them after a few days. It’s really that important as part of marketing the home.

There are two types of important feedback, then others that sometimes make no sense.

First (The Good) is the overall reaction from both the agent and their buyer, such as ‘home shows nice’, or ‘home smells like animals’, and the most common one, ‘home needs updates’. Things like this tell us if the seller needs to do more preparations or not. Basically this is the feedback we need because there are ways to overcome these buyer objections.

The second type (The Bad) is good to know but probably no way to overcome. This includes things like ‘the kitchen is too small’, or ‘didn’t like the floor plan’. Since the seller probably is not willing to knock down walls to enlarge the kitchen or change the floor plan, we just make note of these and work to market based on the positive feedback.

Then there is the feedback that usually upsets the seller (The Ugly). We try to coach our clients on what is important but some tend to take feedback personally. These can be along the lines of ‘need a home with a basement’ when the home was not marketed as having one. Or ‘need a 3 car garage’ when clearly the listing information says 2 car. You just have to expect these as misguided buyers change their minds all the time and we have seen these on practically all our listings at some point. As the seller you just have to ignore them and use the good feedback to continue to tweak how your home shows.

One final note on the ‘home needs updates’; unless you just replaced all your homes fixtures, remodeled the kitchen and bathrooms, and put new flooring in the entire house, you will probably hear this comment, often from the agents themselves. We typically chalk this comment up to people who want a brand new home but cannot afford one. So we don’t recommend to our clients to replace anything, unless its worn or broken. Otherwise just expect to hear this anytime you sell a home.

So when selling your home, be prepared for feedback. It’s important for us to market your home and we will push to get it from buyers, agents, and open house visitors. Just don’t take it personally because people all have different opinions, and some just don’t matter. We just pay attention to the ones that do.


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