Feb 072019

The Derrick Team had another very busy year with over 6 million in sales again.


Receiving our award for over 6 Million in sales in 2018.

Once again The Derrick Team wants to thank all those we’ve helped over the years and have contributed to our ongoing success in real estate. We had over six million in closed and pending sales in 2018. As we move forward into our 10th year in real estate full time we’re at over $30 million in total sales in the past nine years.

But in truth I will honestly say that money just pays the bills. What truly makes us successful is the enjoyment of helping our clients in all the trials and tribulations of selling and buying real estate. We succeed because we enjoy what we do and constantly strive to get better at each step of the process. The reward for us is when our client successfully walks out of closing with a big smile on their face and tells everyone they know about how great we helped them in the entire transaction. We love when they are more than happy to write up a review. But the best feeling is when they call and tell us they have someone who needs our help and they trust us enough to know we will take care of their friend as great as we took care of them.

People in real estate, and even those just in sales jobs, know many people base their success in the ever quest for higher sales numbers. We on the other hand like to make a living (always those pesky bills showing up), but have found our calling in working for ourselves (real estate agents are independent contractors), and the rewards have shown up in ways we would have never dreamed. We love our job and enjoy working with our clients and often end up as friends afterwards. We want to make our clients, clients for life.

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Below are all the homes we sold in 2018.

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